Jigsaw World

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More than sixty classic jigsaws await you. Are you ready?

Completing a jigsaw puzzle has always been a fun game that can be really addictive, but sometimes it can also become desperate, especially when you can't find the part you need.

With Jigsaw World you can rediscover the excitement and fun of the classic puzzle, but with the convenience of not losing a single piece, since you play it on your own computer. Search over sixty great puzzles that are included in Jigsaw World. All of them built using amazing graphics and a wide range of issues. Choose one of six categories available and use your wits to piece them together.

And if you see that things get complicated, don't despair because Jigsaw World gives you the tools to help you complete it. For example, you have the ability to see the big picture in various sizes, see the background image as if it were a template, and many other options that may prove very useful.

Botanical wonders, deserts, home sweet home, breath of nature, amazing journey or animal kingdom, select the topic that you like, sharpen your wits and enjoy the real puzzle on your PC.


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